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International Performing Arts
Program Development

The Intimate.See Project

Intimate.See: An Interdisciplinary Women's Project

  • Dance Residency

  • Cultural Exchange

  • Public Presentation

  • International Dance Festival Representation

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania


 2020 Suspended due to Coronavirus


A Fractured Atlas 501c3 Fiscally Sponsored Program

A partnership with MUDA Africa

This women's empowerment program utilizes the platforms of concert dance and multidisciplinary collaborations to empower, encourage, and effect positive communal change within a historically marginalized community

This project was documented as the first of its kind. It was lead, curated, choreographed, designed and performed by all women.  
In partnership with MuDa Africa, these women went on to represent at the Time2Dance International Dance Festival in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, performing choreography by Lindsay Renea!

This project was covered locally and it was also covered by CGTN the Chinese Global Television Network. This whole experience was humbling, exciting, overwhelming and gratifying.

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Dance Residency 

Dancers train daily  in modern technique dance classes  followed by choreography process


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Cultural Exchange

Dancers took time to engage in conversations with each other. Our object was to find the nuances between our human experiences and us what we learn about each other to influence the creation of art.


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Public Presentation and International Dance Festival Representation

Women worked collaborative on choreography that would be presented to the public and on the International Dance Stage for the first time in history. 


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InterCommunity Support

Male dancers congratulated women dancers on their performance, accomplishment and their strides to becoming community leaders.


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Multidisciplinary Collaboration

We pulled in local Tanzania women artisans and tasked them with creating art that enhanced the story of the bold, daring, and triumphant woman. Women artisans also created costumes and set designs for dance festival performance.


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Tunapenda Tanzania!!!!!!!!

WE love Tanzania!!!

Thank you so much for having us. We look forward to making artistic magic with you again soon!

Asante Sana!!

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