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I'm Thea founder of Skylark Creative Alliance.

I founded this organization because:

I BELIEVE we have more in common than we know. That through cultural and purpose exchange, we will discover something we share, and from that place, we have a unique opportunity to create meaningfully aligned art.

I'm INSPIRED BY synergistic swirls of interdisciplinary art. It literally leaves me in awe.

I'm EMPOWERED BY the vibrancy and brilliance of our creative community. When we put our heads and hearts together, the outcome is spectacular.

I ASPIRE TO make an impact through meaningful collaborations, and I can't wait to work with you.


Professional Concert Dancer and Performing Artist

Voice Over Artist (Click for demo)

Arts Educator

Arts Organizational Consultant

International Arts Program Developer and Curator

📷 Nicholas Wilder

📷  Rod McGaha


"When I move, function and make decisions in grace, peace, and love, the universe shows me the way"

NashvilleVoyager Magazine- Hidden Gems of Nashville

Life and Work with Thea Jones-June 2022

Click above fore full article.


"And throughout, Thea Jones moved like the pouring of honey"

Rod Rodgers Dance Company Carries the Torch for His Distinctive Style,

New York Times, Jennifer Dunning 2006

Click title for full article

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