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We strive to connect, empower and influence positive community change through meaningful collaborations.


We seek to create an international alliance of creatives that inspire, serve, and connect their communities through impactful, mission- based collaborations.


We believe that empowered people empower people. We strive to create an eclectic community of multi- disciplinary artists and creatives who can support, refer, collaborate and become solutions for each other.

Integrate. Place make. Elevate. Celebrate


Skylark is a collaborative artist association and consultancy. We collaborate with a wide range of performing artists,  creatives, educators and community organizational  leaders. 


We create synergistic multi and interdisciplinary works that support, enhance, and celebrate community and we provide membership opportunities to join our growing alliance of creatives.


In addition, we consult on many types of;

  • Creative projects

  • Thematic performances

  • Artist residency programs

  • Arts education research and programming

  • Wellness retreats

  • Special events

  • Fundraisers

  • Multidisciplinary art exhibits

  • City wide festivals and more

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